The Company at a Glance

In a hierarchical organisation, the higher the level the greater the confusion
Dow's Law

Antipodes Islands. Remote, idyllic South Pacific island group with excellent tax avoidance opportunities

Te Ngstitute Pikamanaga O Pasifika,
Private Bag 1,
Antipodes Islands

complaints at nolledge dot com

Areas of Expertise
Nolledge Management, Nolledge Solutions, Sustainable Nolledge, Patch Protection

Services Supplied
Solutions Provision, Revenue Enhancement, Contract Enforcement

Key Employees
53 permanent staff in small, elite, world-class Corporate Unit (see diagram below)

Corporate Headquarters
Purpose-built, gleaming multi-storey glass and steel building from architect-standard Corporate HQ boilerplate. Apparent immaculate order. Quality carpets, furnishings and fresh coats of filler and paint throughout. On fenced, mostly dry and level section with private barbecue area. Executive helicopter pad on roof for uninterrupted entry and exit.

The purpose of our Organisation is to perpetuate our Organisation

Mission Statement
The South Pacific Institute of Nolledge (Te Ngstitute Pikamanaga O Pasifika or The Company) is committed to being the premier world class, added-value, profitable consulting business with the word "science" somewhere in its name. We will achieve this by enhancing the quantity of accountability, monitoring, policy and multidimensional sustainable matrix management systems used by The Company and their application to the growth and development of models, practices and practises. Our staff will provide world class, accurate and timely reporting of their activities whilst taking into account the interests and sensitivities of their Managers and the Board of Directors.

Our Values
Integrity: treating all Managers with respect and dignity, valuing their individual and cultural differences and diversity
Professionalism: embracing ethical standards appropriate to any given situation
Innovation: constantly seeking and striving for new revenue and efficiency solutions
Teamwork: achieving success by doing things the CEO's way while tolerating each others' skills and contributions
Responsibility: using our capabilities to establish culpability; accepting blame for those in authority

Number of PhDs
49 including 2 magnum cum laude, 3 sub judice, 2 in flagrante delicto, 3 helping police with enquiries, 4 subsequently withdrawn, 7 indefinitely deferred, 5 retracted.

Number of MBAs and BComms
53. See diagram below.

Company Structure: BLUE=aren't allowed Company credit cards, YELLOW=Company credit cards as part of remuneration package, RED=don't need Company credit cards.

We have a strong planning and reporting culture and host the Antipodes Island branch of the Bureaucracy Club.