Applied Nolledge

Science is the whore of industry and the handmaiden of war.
Edward Abbey

New from the Boffin Lab: Personal Income
Generator Device. Pays for itself in hours!

The Applied Nolledge Group turns Pure Nolledge into money. Lots of it. Quickly. With one size fits all solutions. It's well known that former Vice-President Al Gore invented the Internet while on sabbatical at the South Pacific Institute of Nolledge in the 1980s. And, as we know, after that great pioneering achievement, the Internet went on to become a global force for equality, education, justice, reasoned debate and balanced unbiased information unpolluted by the cheap distracting hype and marketing miasma of print and video media.

An example of our Applied Nolledge on the Internet

The Internet was crying out for revenue generating opportunities. That's why our "Operation Pandora" team invented and distributed such universal and indispensible things such as
  • animated GIFs, popup ads, popunder windows, emoticons and smileys
  • scroll bars that get 90% across and slow down
  • i- and e-prefixes for everything Internet related
  • the George Foreman Grill
  • traffic speed cameras
  • operating instructions for VCRs
  • call centres in Bangalore
  • SPAM
  • foot spas
  • instant coffee