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We Cheat the Other Guy and Pass the Savings on to You

Science is going through another cliched phase of dramatic change both domestically and internationally. To help science become an effective revenue stream, The Company must respond positively to this change. The South Pacific Institute of Nolledge claims an impressive track record in innovation and problem solving. While its core business is sustainable management and patch protection, The Company's experienced experts and specialised specialists are ready to go to work 24hrs/7days wherever income is available and solutions are required.

At SPIN we view solutions in terms of the value they add to our bottom line and to our customers' businesses. A few challenges are overcome quickly and at vast profit with effective, off-the-shelf solutions. Some take expensive black box technology to push beyond existing limits. For these expensive, "out-of-the-black-box" solutions, The Company has a comprehensive range of products and services available including SPAM, project management, accounting software, monitoring and auditing, SWOT teams, particle beam weapons, industrial espionage, "black" projects and propaganda publications. For more customised research and consultancy services, The Company offers skills, experience, bluff, hype, spin, chuzpah, bottle and condescending 1600 page reports spanning the entire value chain. Where the solution may lie in as-yet-unknown nolledge, our contract scientists accept no limits in their quest to develop that as-yet-unknown nolledge.

The Company is here to provide smart, innovative solutions to help increase your business revenue. And our business revenue.