Total Disaster Centre

The probability of anything happening is in inverse ratio to its desirability
Gumperson's Law

From Mitigation to Litigation


The Total Disaster Centre provides support to emergency managers, insurance adjustors, accountants, lawyers and public relations officers via the timely distribution of information products and services for a variety of natural global disasters. Although it is nauseating and distasteful that some companies deliberately position themselves to make huge amounts of money from others' misfortunes, we are determined not shirk our corporate responsibilities in time of hurricane, flood, tsunami, landslide, earthquake, volcanic eruption, astrobleme or other catastrophe. Let us turn your unmitigated disaster into a mitigated one! On-line web-based GIS and a host of other Nolledge analysis tools are used to present complex information to the media in ever more sensational and graphically shocking ways. Remote sensing is also a strength of the Total Disaster Centre and an extensive database of large format satellite and space shuttle imagery is available for suitable backgrounds at press briefings. Trust us. Everything is under control. Do not panic.

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