Avian Flu and SARS Precautions

Death is nature's way of telling you to slow down


How to Wash Your Hands
  1. Pick up soap and rub in hands
  2. Put soap down, wet hands then rub soap in hands
  3. Continue for at least three minutes nodding and grinning to your colleagues as they come and go
  4. Rinse hands thoroughly for one minute under hot tap (60ÉC)
  5. Pull out paper towel from dispenser
  6. Discard small piece of wet towel. Attempt to rip off larger piece
  7. Dig fingers up into dispenser and wrench out several towels
  8. Dry hands
  9. Your hands are now clean. Return to your desk
If you see anyone not following the above procedures, please inform the Contract Terminations Manager in HR.

The Redshirt didn't wash his hands properly