Enriched Uranium Golf Clubs

New! An end-of-the-financial-year breakthrough from the Boffin Lab. Precision-milled, uranium golf clubs.

Wow! Enrichment of the robot-tooled alloy heads in that hard-to-find 235U isotope results in these unbeatable great features:
  • golf

  • 100% natural 235U yields consistent impact without skying the balls

  • reduced 238U content gives stability and power embraced by flexibility

  • shafts are graphite-moderated for maximum forgiveness and friendly no-mush feel

  • active components, used by the U.S. military since 1945, help eliminate slice

  • glow-in-the-dark Ever-Warm(TM) handgrips enhance night tournament play

  • clubs contain no genetically modified organisms or whale products

All drivers and putters are finished in a beautiful natural uranium grey colour, and come in a lead-lined bag. These clubs are so hot, they will never be available at your local discount golf shop.