Human Resources Section

If you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow
Chuck Colson


How to motivate lazy, truculent, boring staff? That was the gauntlet thrown down by the CEO to Human Resources just one short Financial Year ago. Armed with this mandate, we realised we had to take staff beyond their comfort zone. We decided to adopt the "hurt, pain, agony" training methodology that was used by American sports coach James Counsilman in the 1960s.

One year ago, the only time any of our staff ever broke the hurt threshold was was during Personal Assessment interviews and drop-in visits by the CEO. These days, thanks to some compulsory Corrective Training, Company staff spend most of their working day in the pain region. Our challenge for the future is to help them pull out that extra bit of effort to consistently reach the agony stage for up to eight hours a day.

Myriad HR Policies and Procedures are now part of everyday working life and permeate every crevice and cubicle in the workplace. The purpose of the Human Resources Section is to:
  • continually replace, revise and increase the number of existing Human Resources policies

  • work with government agencies and others to develop and implement laws, regulations, and standards on employment, public health, safety, and the environment

  • secure from the Executive Management an assurance of adequate funding and staffing for the HR Section

  • maintain Company facilities in a manner conducive to the appearance of a legal, healthy and safe work environment for all personnel and the surrounding community

  • provide innovative "incident blame paths" for violations of employment and safety regulations, thereby reducing the monthly rate of prosecutions

In the words of our CEO (may peace be upon him) "Every task is so urgent, and every job so important that we can't take the time to perform our work safely and in an environmentally conscious manner".