Job Vacancies

Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?

The South Pacific Institute of Nolledge endeavours to appear to be a "good employer". The Company is a signatory to the Geneva Convention and all employees are retained according to the principles of the Stockholm Syndrome. The Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer: all employees have equal opportunity to complain to management about their pay and conditions.

Applicants for all jobs will ideally have a world class tertiary qualification, experience in policy analysis/development and plan preparation with a thorough knowledge of relevant statutes and regulations pertaining to contract compliance and industrial relations enforcement. Important attributes are analysis skills combined with a will to succeed, and a determination to obey orders. This is an exciting time in the development of Nolledge and many challenging challenges will come your way. Remuneration is commensurate with our ability to pay.

Chief Manager of Policy and Planning
This is a 6 month fixed term (mental sick leave relief) position. The Manager of the Policy and Planning Section of the Corporate Affairs Unit is answerable to the Chief Executive and is responsible for the provision of world class advice on policy, planning, development, coordination, consent, analysis, compliance, processing and monitoring. A recent review of this section has led to restructuring into five functional teams to improve provider efficiency and customer responsiveness. This has led to the creation of five new management positions to head the functional teams, with each team manager reporting to the Chief Manager of the Policy and Planning Section and to each other. The focus of the Section will be on reviewing and streamlining internal processes to provide prompt, responsive customer service while also assisting in shaping strategic direction and promoting an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to internal and external service delivery.

IT Developer
Our last techie said BBT, but the SOB never came back and we were SOL. TPTB said we could hire another. FCFS, THX but IANALB IMHO , AAMOF, TANJ here, just TSR. AFAIK (IMHO) the MOTD, even IRL, is RTFM. OAUS TOBAL against FAQs. BOT, $0.02 are ITFA YMMV. HTH L8RG8R! BTW TYCLO.

Postdoctoral Fellow
The Company has, at various times in the past, employed world class postdoctoral fellows. The Board and Executive Management have been concerned that such practises would attract undue attention and publicity to the research efforts of the Company, thereby distracting permanent scientific staff from their core business activities as set out in the depths of the company's confidential strategic plan. These fears seem not to have eventuated, as most ex-postdocs refuse to admit they have ever been employed by the Company, even when presented with copies of their payslips and vitae. So, taking a long term view, the Company is again provisionally prepared to offer up to one fellowship, tenable for the final six months of the financial year. Appointment will be contingent on satisfactory financial projections being achieved.

Shredder Operator (Night Shift)
Due to increasing demand, we are upgrading our shredding capability to a 24/7 operation. Your main responsibility will be the provision of a high volume, high quality shredding service to the Corporate Affairs Unit, particularly the Finance Section. Experience in the U.S. accounting industry is preferred but not essential, as full training will be given. Discretion, a "can do" attitude, unswerving loyalty to The Company, and an ability to perform to tight deadlines and under cross-examination is essential.

Agreement Administrator

Here is an opportunity to get the most from your experience in Contract Enforcement. You are set to achieve in this role thanks to your demonstrated track record in showing a dedication to fulfil your mission, commitment and perseverance in the face of setbacks, a high degree of fitness, problem-solving talent, focus on detail and accuracy, and proven ability to work independently of others. Verbal communication skills are not necessarily essential, but a good dress sense is required. A Nolledge-rich future is something we should all strive for. Come and help us convince others to agree to strive with us - on our Terms and Conditions.