Treat as Confidentail Please



I am Mr. Perez Monteagudo now a consignment manager with Marketing Section of South Pacific Institute of Nolledge. I am contacting to inquire if you can handle this transaction with me.

The main reason for contacting you is to invite you to partner with me in the claim of a box left in our company by an unfortunate late deceased customer since last year.

I am the officer who handled all his deposit documentations of the box when I use to work in Chatham Islands office which he deposited to our office and had the knowledge of the content in the box.

The box contains in it the sum of $9.6 million US Dollars, please do note that the other members of our staff do not have the knowledge of the exact item in the box.

Note, I need to present someone as the beneficiary to the funds, hence I are seeking your consent to assist me claim this.

The fund is currently lying in our custody awaiting claim. I will give you more details when I receive your affirmative response. The primary reason for contacting you is your location and due to the fact that he died and no more live.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact me.