Pure Nolledge

Any theory can be made to fit any facts by means of appropriate additional assumptions.
Schumpeter's Observation


The Nolledge Revolution

After 160 years of agrarian ignorance and bliss we are going through a revolution. Even five years ago the mention of arcane concepts such as "knowledge" or "understanding" in a scientific proposal was, ipso facto, the guaranteed kiss of death. But now, at the dawn of a bright new millenium, The Government is determined to turn us into a Nolledge Society comprising netrunners, deskjockeys, facemen, bloggers, crackers, phishers and . Amidst all this frenzy, The Company is equally determined inter alia to have a large slice of the newly-released pork.

How does Nolledge per se differs from data, information, learning, experience and wisdom. Well, first of all Nolledge is a priori technology-based; in its most potent form it is computer and Internet-based. Unlike the old-fashioned way of getting information from books in libraries, a Java-enabled web browser is essential for serious practitioners of Nolledge. Unlike the tedious concepts of learning and experience which take years and years to absorb and apply, Nolledge prima facie instantly and inherently increases earning opportunities, prosperity and wealth on both a personal and national scale. And unlike wisdom which costs nothing, Nolledge incurs stiff up-front user charges. Ergo the concept and relevance of a Nolledge Economy.

Another brilliant thing about the Nolledge paradigm is that, unlike hard-to-collect data, new Nolledge can be made from existing Nolledge simply by creating a new marketing opportunity. Put another way, if:

Information = Data + Meaning
Nolledge = Nolledge + Nolledge

To this end we have found a way to redirect **YOUR NAME HERE** off the Information Highway and onto the Information Superhighway. If you thought ignorance was bliss, try Nolledge. Or SPAM. Optimum est!