Cultural Safety

Whoever has the Gold makes the Rules.
Golden Rule


This Policy and Protocol describes how The Company will honour its commitment to practise in ways that are culturally safe for White Males, particularly White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. It affirms partnership by committing The Company to employing white males at all levels of The Company. It achieves participation by requiring that consulation takes place with White Males whenever matters affecting them are under consideration. It affords protection by ensuring that, within The Company, White Males have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to have support that meets their goals and aspirations.


Many things lie at the root of the problems experienced by White Males. These include the effects of fringe benefit tax, so-called Equal Rights initiatives, positive discrimination of minorities, and dismantling of Old Boys' Networks. Cultural safety is about valuing and respecting White Male culture and including White Male people in decision making.


The Policy consists of seven principles. These describe how The Company will:
  • fully respect and honour White Male culture in every activity involving staff and clients

  • ensure that the structure and functioning of The Company reflects the principles of the Act of Settlement (1670), namely partnership, participation and protection

  • ensure that the White Male community is fully informed and consulted

  • acknowledge and address White Male health and income disparities and maximise opportunities to promote their wellbeing

  • ensure that management practices will take into account White Male beliefs, values and ways of operating

  • provide non-White Male Company staff with education and support to assist them to work effectively and behave correctly with White Male staff and clients

  • actively implement and monitor the White Male Policy and Protocol

Each principle is accompanied by a set of activities describing the ways in which The Company will ensure the principles are complied with. For example, The Company will strive to:
  • maintain at least 50% White Male membership on The Board of Directors

  • appoint White Males to all key management positions

  • appoint White Male staff in at least equal proportion to the proportion of accountants and lawyers who are White Males

  • replace White Male staff who leave with White Male staff, even if they do not have the required qualifications

  • develop quality assurance procedures which effectively measure White Male morale, satisfaction and income gains

The Policy and Protocol is underpinned by recognition and acknowledgment of White Males as "Te Managas O Ngstitute". The process of development has been as important as the Policy itself.