All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure
Mark Twain

A Message from the CEO

If we are to become the front runner in the Science Consultancy Institute game, we must be first out of the blocks, get our competitors on the ropes and deal some knockout blows. There are many hurdles to jump, marathons to run and turning pitches to bat on. We must make sure we don't score any own goals, give away penalties or play onto our stumps. Neither must we be shown the red card, sin-binned, given out leg before, caught offside, forced to give up the pigskin or lose wickets. Our key players and forwards are off the bench. They have pulled up the stumps and moved the goalposts; this is a new ballgame on a level playing field. It is time for us to step up to the plate, remove the bails, take a punt, increase the run rate, convert every try, bowl a few bouncers, sprint for the finish and hit our competitors for six. Forward, defensive!


Scientists claim they have discovered a new continent, Zealandia, around the Antipodes Islands.
Here is a link to a 2008 paper on the topic